December 21 2012 Predictions

The Prophecies of the 2012 Dire Gnosis

The year 2012 has received a lot of attention and there are many theories about what is going to happen in that year. 2012 Dire Gnosis is a complete database on these theories, in the form of books, DVDs, website links and many more resources. The reason 2012 is getting so much attention is that a doomsday theory has been attached to this year from varying cultures, predictions and ancient texts. Famous diviners like Nostradamus has made predictions and also the bible and other texts have mentioned this cataclysmic event. The majority of interpreters and scholars who study these predictions and texts have deduced the date to be 21st December 2012, and they foretell the coming of a comet which will spell devastation on earth. Other scholars are of the opinion that 2012 holds the potential for a paradigm shift in the thinking of mankind which will herald a new and much better age.

Since the year 2012 has started to hold such importance in the minds of so many people it is imperative that people have access to the real facts surrounding this year. 2012 Dire Gnosis is one such attempt to bring all the knowledge regarding this year in one place, so that people can form their own educated decisions. Many people have written on this topic and one of the most appreciated work is a book called “Beyond 2012” by Geoff Stray. He has done an in depth research based on factual information and analyzed different aspects from various angles. The author has taken an impartial approach in discussing various points and maintains a language which is easy to understand throughout the book. He does not get creative in interpreting a fact nor does he let any personal beliefs or biases to interfere in his analysis.

Beyond 2012 by Geoff Stray is comprehensive as it takes into account religious prophecies, historical facts, scientific data and authentic material from a variety of sources. The author delves in detail about the Mayan calender and its end point in 2012. The book also compares the prophecies made by famous diviners and the religious texts of different cultures. It gives scientific theories about how the earth can change geologically in 2012 and why mankind will experience changes in their way of thinking and psychological makeup. This is a great book to have if you are interested in knowing what is the potential future of mankind and how one can cope with the drastically changing environments.

2012 Dire Gnosis also has many other books and DVDs by the same author and many other authors which give different perspectives to the events of 2012. The site also has resources on various calenders including the Mayan. The topic of 2012 has generated an unprecedented flurry over the Internet and lot of discussion groups and forums have popped up. The site gives a list of all these forums and discussion groups, in case you are interested in knowing what other people are thinking on this matter and you can also voice your opinions and get your doubts cleared. There is also a debate section where famous personalities like John Major Jenkins and Carl Johan Calleman criticize and debate over the points made in each other’s books.

The different items on 2012 Dire Gnosis are updated regularly and the main title shows you the countdown to 2012 as per the Mayan calender. There are also various news items pertaining to the topic, so that if there is any latest development or new material you will immediately come to know of it. There are certain essays and articles also on the site which deal with UFOs, Astral world and other related topics.


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