December 21 2012 Predictions

More Truth About the 2012 Mayan Prophecies

2012 prophecy has taken the world by storm and nowhere has there ever been so much excitement and theories associated with this prophecy. Many people are of the opinion that in the year 2012 or 21 December 2012 to be more precise, the world is going to end or a major part of our earth is going to be destroyed with widespread havoc and death all over the globe. The basis behind this fear are a group of prophecies from different sources and certain scientific theories. Whenever there is a doomsday prophecy, people seem to be eager to connect different theories and statements in old texts to substantiate the prophecy and start to panic. Let us see what each prophecy holds and how it is to be interpreted.

Most of the doomsday enthusiasts seem to draw their conclusions from the fact that the Mayan calender is going to end on that day. 11.11 am on 21st December 2012 is a solstice and brings an end to the Mayan 5,125 year long calender. Many people jump to the conclusion as this is the end of a long calender the Mayans would have known that the world would end on that date. Actually it should be taken as a date of transition rather than an end point. People seem to forget that after an ending comes a new beginning and heralding of a new era. Although many people believe in a new era and beginning, they feel the ending of the past phase is usually accompanied by large scale destruction and havoc. To a certain extent this may be true as people have to learn from their mistakes and there is no better teacher than nature itself. Destruction from a cataclysmic event and the resultant hardships can bring about a spiritual transformation in many people and thus sow the seed for a new and better age. Some people believe that the old has to be completely wiped out for the new to be possible and hence propound the theory of an apocalypse which will almost annihilate the whole world.

Apart from the Mayan calendar, the 2012 mayan prophecies are based on many other theories which all have one thing in common and that is the ending of a particular length of time and starting of a new one. If you take the prophecy of Nostradamus it foretells the visit of a comet or a comet planet which passes close to our planet after a particular number of years. This size of the comet is supposed to be huge and will trigger many cataclysmic events when it passes near earth. There is also many theories which suggest that this comet will force certain asteroids off their orbits and they will be on collision course with the earth. A hit from a large asteroid can create a force of several nuclear explosions and cause massive destruction. Many theories in the 2012 prophecy also suggest that China or Iran or both, will take advantage of the widespread anarchy in the world caused by the disastrous events and will bring about another World War.

Some also attribute the coming of the apocalypse in 2012 to certain galactic alignments and astronomical events. There are some who draw their theories from ancient texts of renowned divining arts like the I-Ching and so on. The fact is all theories seem plausible, but the question remains whether the destruction will be on the scale which is predicted, or 2012 is just the year where there is a tremendous shift in the thinking and attitudes of people around the world which will herald a new age. It all remains to be seen.


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