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Who Made The Nazca Lines in Peru ?

The Nazca lines are gigantic ground drawing that was created in the Peruvian desert by a tribe known as the Nazca. The Nazca tribe was in existence between 200 BCE and 600 CE. There are many theories associated with the Nazca lines because people did not believe that the ancient Nazca tribe could have had the technology and the equipment to create such precise modern maps and drawings on such a vast piece of land. The Nazca lines include drawings of birds, animals, plants and human figures among many other things. There are hundreds of geometric lines and figures that have also been engraved into the land. The entire area where the Nazca lines and artwork exist is known as the Pampa Colorada or the Red Plain. The area is over 15 miles wide.

The artwork of the Nazca lines has been made by clearing away the dark soil of the upper layer to make way for the inner lighter soil to come through. The Peruvian desert is devoid of sand and contains only dark soil and surface stones all through its area. People who fly over the area of the Nazca lines can clearly make out the intricate lines and geometrical figures along with the other figures that have been engraved into the desert. Creating these lines must have taken the Nazca tribe a hundreds of years. In addition to this, thousands of people must have come together to work on the lines. Researchers could not understand how they managed to create the drawings with such precision and at such a large scale.

One of the popular theories proposed about the lines was that they were made by aliens as a map to track their way around earth. One of the first people to propose this theory was Erich Von Daniken, who said that the entire area of the lines was an alien aircraft field and the drawings were made to help them mark their way around planet earth. However, this theory was dismissed because a lot of the lines do not make any sense and the entire map consisted of confusing drawings of monkeys, birds and lizards which had no significance. In addition to this, no disruption of the soil and artwork around the area proved to show that the area could not have harbored an alien airfield. Some have even said that the geometric line and figures were in fact tracks for spaceships to land and take off on.

The actual reason for the making of these lines is still not clear. Researchers have said that they are related to astronomy and the various line and figures serve as a gigantic astrological map on which the Nazca’s predicted the future. The geoglyphs could in fact be giant effigies of gods and patterns of various constellations in the universe. Researchers are also questioning the way that their figures were created because the Nazca’s did not have any of the modern technology that we possess in the world today.

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