December 21 2012 Predictions

The Planetary Alignment of 2012

Many people have discussed the various ways the world is going to end in 2012, but few people have actually talked about the causes of these horrible events. What, for example, causes Planet X to return? Why is there a black hole coming near earth? Well, one of the main reasons of all of this seems to be the planetary alignment 2012. This alignment, which was predicted by the Mayan calendar, shows that the planets will align in a way that they have not done for thousands of years.

One of the theories about this planetary alignment is that the earth will be at its center and that the sun will be aligned at the top of the string of planets. At the other end of the alignment will be a black hole at the exact center of the Milky Way galaxy. This black hole is supposedly hidden away in the dark dust clouds that are located in the Milky Way’s center. When the sun aligns with this black hole, no one knows exactly what happens. One of the expectations by those who believe this theory is that the planets and other objects in the alignment will shift their positions, causing destruction and, quite possibly, the end of all life on earth. This could come from earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and even diseases that will sweep across the earth.

However, this alignment is not something that’s actually new to 2012. In fact, it happens every 36 years. Most recently, a very precise convergence of the sun and the dark dust clouds happened in 1998. What makes 2012’s alignment so special? It also coincides with the alignment of the twelve Zodiac constellations. That will happen in 2012, when the one constellation that is visible during the spring equinox changes. In 2012, that sign will change from Pisces to Aquarius. Much of this theory was put forth in a book by John Major Jenkins, who wrote about the planetary alignment 2012 back in the 1980s. His work was even pre-dated: Frank Waters had written about a convergence in 1975, although he did not mention the year 2012 specifically.

Will the planetary alignment 2012 take place? Scientists say that the black hole is simply too far away from earth to change anything, plus the alignment in 1998 was more precise than the 2012 alignment, and the earth wasn’t destroyed then. So what’s the truth? You can learn about it in 2012: The Truth Revealed, a look at the 2012 apocalypse that is a part of the website below. This site features many other resources, too, including a survival guide, a quick starter guide that gives you the basic facts of the impending doomsday, and more.


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