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Why Do Atheists Believe In The End Of The World?

Who are the atheists? They are the ones who do not believe in the existence of God. They do not acknowledge the presence of the one Supreme Being controlling their day to day activities or their fate. Makes them the bravest of the lot isn’t it? But then why do atheists believe in the end of the end of the world?

What the Atheists believe is that God did not create Man in His own image. The human population was the result of centuries of evolution. The first ever known human beings roamed in Africa and could not have just been the descendents of Adam and Eve, who are generally shown as having a white complexion.

So why is it that the atheists believe in the end of the world? It is believed by all the believers of God that if you are a good man and abstain from committing sins then God will shower you with His blessings and protect you in times of danger. This means that even if it is time for the world to end, you would stay safe and secure owing to your loyalty towards God. This is what annoys the atheists the most.

They do not believe that God or the Supreme Being is going to save you from Doomsday. What they believe instead is that you are going to face obliteration when the end of the world approaches. The reason why the Atheists are obsessed with the end of the world is that it will question the very existence of God.

Even if there is a God, is He that cruel so as to watch the entire human race being wiped from the surface of the Earth? Those having faith in God tell that God is merciful and forgives even the sinners if they ask for forgiveness. If God is that merciful will he attempt to rescue the humans from their awful fate? That is where the Atheists belief is getting stronger. It has been reported that dinosaurs that once roamed the surface of the Earth were destroyed once and for all when some asteroid came down crashing on Earth’s surface some millions of years ago. At that time there was no one to save Earth from such a collision. This means even if such cataclysmic events take place in 2012 there will be no one to save mankind from destruction.

These ideas focus on the one theory of the atheists and i.e. the non existence of God. Here lies the victory for the atheists. Clearly they have the upper hand when it comes to questioning whether God is present. Instead of seeing the Heavenly interventions the atheists choose to look at the scientific researches, geological findings and other studies being conducted on the Earth’s environment that may suggest the destruction of this planet.

This means if there is an end of the world in 2012 itself it will be the Atheists who would rather enjoy it, proclaiming that there was and is no God. That is why the atheists have a strong opinion and believe in the end of the world.


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